Fischer XC Comfort Pro XC Ski Boots Mens Review

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Today we'll be reviewing the Fischer XC Comfort Pro XC Ski Boots Mens.

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Our rating: 6 / 10


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For the money, these are some of the best ski boots on the market. When looking to spend this kind of money on a ski boot, you want to make sure that it doesn't sacrifice the comfort and functionality you are looking for in the boot. The XC Comfort Pro XC Ski Boots are about perfect in every way, and have a weight of only 485 grams with the heel support.

The adjustability of the XC Comfort Pro XC Ski Boots can average out to be much more than you may have expected to spend on your boots. These boots range from a tight fit to the widest, and it can be adjusted up to 1.6 inches. The adjustability in the calve area is as much as 2.8 inches, meaning that if you have ever had a problem with your boots, you may be able to find the fit for your liking.

While you are looking at the XC Comfort Pro XC Ski Boots, you might as well check out the heel area. The heel area will let you get more ankle flexion with the correct binding for your boot. These boots have up to 16 degrees of ankle flexion, which is impressive for a ski boot.

To make sure that your feet stay warm, the XC Comfort Pro XC Ski Boots have triple-f membranes. This ensures that your feet are not too hot or sweaty during warmer weather, and also not too cold when it gets a little colder out.

These boots also have an interesting, unique heel/shell concept. The XC Comfort Pro XC Ski Boots cleverly use the heel shell to keep the foot close to the ski. This will keep the boot from sliding as much and improve your performance overall.

Overall, if you get these boots, you will not regret it. The boot's weight is very surprising for an average of 485 grams. The adjustability of the XC Comfort Pro XC Ski Boots will give you the exact fit and comfort you are looking for. These boots are also very strong and durable, which may ultimately save your life if you do happen to ski down a mountain at some point.

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