How to Make a Throwing Spear?

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What type of throwing spear do you want?

Spears are light-weight, multi-function, independent weapons that can be used to hunt, scavenge, fish, or carry out acts of primitive violence. You can make spears with whatever is available for the shaft and tip, and you can get them as short or long as you like.

Chop off the branch of a tree from any size that you need. Decide on the length depending on the purpose.

Twist the bare wood, drill holes into it, sharpen it, add a rope or some kind of handle, and make it as long as you want it to.

How to Make a Javelin Spear

How to make a javelin spear:

One of the oldest weapons of the world is the spear. It is still a successful weapon in today’s world as well. It is used in many sports and activities.

In this post you will learn how to make a Javelin spear.

Javelin spears are light weight and can be used in sports and hunting. The fundamental parts of a javelin are the head, shaft and three of the four throwing grip positions.

You can use adjustable bicycle hand brakes to make the spear’s shafts. The hand brakes are very helpful for the production.


These are the basic tools that are required to make use of this javelin:

  • A ruler
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cutting mat

Place the cardboard on the cutting mat and then on the ruler. Draw straight lines to the cutting lines. After that, you should measure from the bottom of the ruler a distance of 8 inches. This will act as a thread guide later on for assembly. Then you should mark the next 4 inches and cut the lines. This will be your handle.

The tail should end by a length of 8 inches from the tip of the spear. Use the ruler to draw a line going down 4 inches and then 4 inches more.

Materials Required

To make a throwing spear, you need to find the right wood for the project. It should not be too soft and not too hard, so you need to know the strength of it. You also need to have an axe or a knife to cut the wood. Knives can be used to shape the form, but axes are preferred.

The most important thing in the making of a spear is making sure that it is straight. For this, you need to have a well-maintained stave because it will remain in position for a while. This requires a level of quality, and you need a level that you can celebrate. It also requires something that you can live with, and something that you have to respect. You need something that you have to keep, and something that you must keep in the right way.

You also need to have a good spear point. In the case of a knife, you can have a shaped piece of stone, or a knife, sharpened at the edges. With the spear, you can have a piece of sharpened metal. It will make the job easier when you have to make a mark, or when you have to survive.

Stage 1: Making the Shaft

Select a sturdy, straight tree branch to make your spear shaft. The branch should be about two or three inches in diameter and seven feet long. Take one end of the branch and split the other end of the branch into two blunt prongs.

There are a few ways to make the prongs. One way is to split the end of the branch into two blunt prongs and then carve them into the mold that you want.

Make sure that the prongs are sturdy and won’t break off. Sharpen the top prong.

The prongs should be sturdy enough to pierce the fish without breaking. You should be able to prick your finger without feeling pain. Test the prongs on your thumb to make sure.

Stage 2: Making the Spearhead

To make the spearhead, you'll need to heat 1.5 pounds of steel in a forge, and then pound it into a point. You can buy steel at most hardware stores, but try to find high-carbon steel. If possible, go for something stainless.

Cover a large anvil with a soft cloth (old pillowcases work great), and have a wooden mallet and a steel block nearby. Heat the steel in the forge and hammer it into a point. It's best to use a metal that has some malleability, and the kind you buy should break easily when you try to bend it. Rather than try and bend the steel into a point, however, focus on one point and pound the end flat. This is where the really thick pieces of steel will need some help.

Place the point flat on the anvil, with the metal you want to remove on top, and strike it firmly with the mallet. Keep striking until the point is constantly flat on the mallet. Then, turn the steel over and continue striking until the point is symmetrically flat. When you've done this, try to bend the steel again; it shouldn't break and should just bend where it should.

How to Make a Fishing Spear

The first and foremost thing you need to make your own spear is the rope. It should be thin; not that of a clothesline. It should be strong, able to support a spear, although you could opt to use the thin rope and use a blade to cause more damage.

You will require a bamboo shoot but it should be green. The bamboo shoot is inserted in the middle of the modified rope. Ideally, you would only use the bamboo shoot that has holes in the center. The holes are used to grip the wooden spear properly. The bamboo shoot can be inserted at a 90 degree angle or turned at 45 degrees. When inserting the pole, ensure that the end has been cut to the right size. The end should fit neatly inside the bamboo.

Barbed tips are the best tips for this spear. You can use the iron barbs that were used for the fishing spear or origami papers. The origami papers are made from iron paper and they are very sharp. Barbs are used for wedging or for tearing on the flesh of the animal or fish. Barbs are made from thin iron paper.

It is also advisable to sharpen the wooden spear. You can do this by using a knife and rubbing it against the stone that you are using on the knife. This should be done repeatedly.

How to Make a Barbed Spear

So you want to make your own spear? Sounds like a good idea but there are some things you can do to make it even better!

The first thing you want to do is make a handle. A simple handle can be as simple as a 3-5 foot long branch from a tree. If you want, you can wrap it in leather cord, but a simple branch will work just fine.

Then you want to find a long, sharp tip to put on the end of the handle. Any sharp point will work, but you will be more successful with a good tip. You can use an arrowhead, a dagger, a knife, a spear tip, or even a broken bottle, anything that is sharp, pointy, and strong. If you can, make it your own work of art.

The final factor is your throwing stick. This is the stick you use to throw your spear that causes your spear to spin in the air. This makes your spear more likely to hit your target and, if you hit your target, to impale your target and deliver a fatal blow.

Bonus Tip: How to Make a Wooden Spearhead