KingCamp Deluxe Series Thick Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad Foam Mat Mattress Review

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In today’s article we will be reviewing the KingCamp Deluxe Series Thick Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad Foam Mat Mattress.

Let’s see why it’s such a popular product.

Our rating: 7 / 10

Cost: $$$

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  • This thick camping mattress is perfect for outdoor adventures;
  • You can use it on a boat, or on the ground without damaging it;
  • It comes with a carrying bag, which is good for outdoor adventures;
  • This pad is a self-inflating mat which is really convenient;
  • It is a waterproof triple layer sleeping pad;
  • The included pump also works great.


  • There is a slight chemical smell, but this will go away within a short period of time;
  • This is a thick pad which might heat you up, but there are thinner ones available.

KingCamp Deluxe is a company that was first established in a warehouse in London, and since has grown to include the manufacturing of a variety of camping supplies. They have a motto of taking care of you, and they mean it.

Thick Dual Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad Foam Mattress, Single and Double 4 Size is a product that is soft to the touch, and can be used on the ground while camping, or anywhere for that matter. Measuring 77.9 x 51.2 x 2.95 inches, it makes for a great night's sleep, and will keep you comfortable.

The self-inflating technology is incredibly simple to use. There are two valves on the pad, and as soon as they are opened, the KingCamp Deluxe pad will inflate itself. Generally, this takes a minute or two, but once that is done, it will continue to inflate until it reaches the desired comfort level. It is also quite matter of fact. Once you have opened both valves, the pad will have filled with air, so just close the valves to deflate fully.

There is a rubberized outer surface that ensures the pad remains comfortable and against your body, but does not bunch up or make it uncomfortable on ground. Additionally, the surface is also antimicrobial, so it will not allow for the growth of bacteria inside the pad.

The carrying bag is also very nice. It is large enough to fit the entire pad, and there is a strap to hold the pad securely in place in the bag, as well as keep it in place. The seams are also fully taped with seam tape to ensure that the zipper does not rip.

Overall, this is an amazing self-inflating camping sleeping pad that is comfortable, well designed, and easy to use. It will ensure that you have a great night's sleep, even when you are roughing it.

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