POLAR H10 Heart Rate Monitor Review

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In this article we’ll put the spotlight on the POLAR H10 Heart Rate Monitor.

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Our rating: 7 / 10

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  • Very accurate and sturdy
  • Works for multiple types of exercise

The Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their workout routine, whether it is training for a sporting event, or simply looking to get in shape. The Polar H10 is the perfect way to keep track of your workout progress, and make sure you get the most out of every session.

Why is this important?

The Swedish Sports Confederation found that heart rate monitor use was vital in their recent survey. The respondents who kept track of their workout, found that their strength, toning, endurance and agility increased commensurately. They were also able to make nice progress in their training during the four week study period.

The Polar H10 enables you to keep those figures on track, and you can do this by connecting the heart rate monitor directly to your smartphone and using Polar's Virb application. The Polar H10 is also available with a GoPro connection, so you can attach your heart rate monitor to your GoPro camera and overlay your heart rate data on to the picture, making sure you know exactly how hard you are working and how close to your limits you are. This is a great way to help you train more effectively, and track your progress

The Polar H10 is fully compatible with over 5,000 apps on iOS and Android, giving you even more ways to find a good workout routine to kill your fitness. The Polar H10 has a persistent memory feature that you can use to keep your heart rate recording from just about anywhere.

The Polar H10 is also one of the easiest to fix and the heart rate chest strap is adjustable so you can make sure the fit is right.

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