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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the Salomon Prolink Escape 7 Boot.

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Nordic touring originated in Sweden as a love for nature and the outdoors, and it has since captured the imagination of many outdoor enthusiasts. Trying to get your hands on a pair of genuine Nordic Touring or expedition fare can be quite a difficult task; a lot of companies lack the technical expertise to make something that is suitable for the uses the terrain requires. A Salomon Prolink Escape 7 Boot is one such product that pitches itself in this niche, and is designed to handle the rough and rugged conditions for which it is created.

The Escape 7 Boot is constructed with Salomon's proprietary wrap-on sole, which was initially found in the company's first boot in the mid-2000s. When the wrap-on sole first debuted, it was revolutionary and subsequently became the standard for many high-performance and outdoor footwear companies. Since its inaugural release, Salomon has continued to refine its design and construction; the Escape 7 Boot is an updated version of this method of constructing footwear.

The sole of the Escape 7 Boot is composed of light and strong Graphene Compheet material, which was utilized as a result of multiple tests conducted to evaluate its performance in various terrains. The bottom of this boot is also magnetic, as such, the reason behind its Graphene material is due to the resiliency this boot can provide, while also allowing it to remain flexible and behave in a natural manner.

The top of the boot is made of a mixture of synthetic leather and OXFORD leather. These are the two materials that are commonly used to construct comfortable and durable footwear. The synthetic leather allows the Escape 7 Boot to be soft and breathable, while the OXFORD leather offers more strength and durability. The synthetic leather and OXFORD leather is sewn together with premium thread to ensure that each boot is made using materials of the best quality.

The Prolink system found in the Escape 7 Boot is used as the main feature of this boot, as it allows the wearer to move freely at all times, while also protecting them from the harsh conditions they will be spending their time in. These boots also feature a toe cap that is laminated; this toe cap provides users wearing the Escape 7 Boot with maximum grip and traction while also being extremely durable and long-lasting.

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