Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE Review

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We had our experts take a look at the Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE to provide you with the inside scoop on its qualities.

We scrutinize all products before we share our detailed thoughts on it with you.

Our rating: 7 / 10

Cost: $$$$

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  • Compact
  • Great customer service
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Can be hooked up with your phone for alerts


  • Plastic casing
  • Easily visible lens cover
  • Some might struggle to set it up

This is a great trail camera because it brings the two biggest features of trail cameras into one, waterproof and wireless. The camera is also easy to install. All you have to do is attach it to a tree, rock or anything else that is near where you want the camera to be. Using a cord to connect the camera to the USB is not necessary because the phone or tablet you are using can stay in your pocket while viewing the camera. This is a great feature because it is more convenient than having to use your phone the entire time you are at the hunting ground.

The Ghost 4G/LTE connects to Verizon's 4G/LTE network so you can always be under surveillance from your personal device. The camera works anywhere where there is signal except for when you are under water. However, the camera can still be used in the water because it is waterproof to 10 feet.

Some of the great features the Ghost 4G has include an MP3 player. The opening of the device is also very small which allows you to easily access the SD card in case you want to change the files that are stored on it or if you need to change out the memory card. The included hour and a half battery life also makes it very convenient because you do not have to worry about replacing battery packs and buying different ones. The time it takes to charge the battery is also very convenient because it can be done with the included power supply or using your phone.

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