Blazer 75mm Boot by Alpina Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the Blazer 75mm Boot by Alpina.

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Our rating: 6 / 10


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  • Comfy, flexible, feel like a running shoe
  • Can be worn with heavy socks
  • True to size
  • Protects from snow/ice penetration
  • Warm, but not hot, very comfortable
  • Great for running and back country
  • Fit is true to size


  • Not great for deep snow and ice
  • Heel lift makes them a little unstable on smooth snow

This is a great boot to pair with a heavy duty work pant. It offers impressive ankle support, and heel support for riding on poor terrain.

The Speed Lacing System is an interesting feature as you can adjust the boot to your liking. The system helps fit at ease and is also able to make the boot easier to take on and off.

The shaft of the boot is made of synthetic leather, and has a rubber outsole to provide traction.

The Blazer was tested in a field test, where it was able to keep a person's feet dry and comfortable for about 8 hours a day. Being water resistant, this is something that is ideal when you are working in a space that will be doused with water. It also has air vents in the foot of the boot, which are useful for cooling the feet and keeping them dry while in the boot.

One of the best uses of this boot is when you are going on a ride through rough terrain. The traction on the bottom is something that is important when riding in areas where the ground is poor or firm. This will help your feet stay planted on the ground when riding through these terrains.

The boot also has a wide opening at the top, that is ideal for riders who need a lot of mobility. The collar of the boot is also specifically designed to not pinch the thigh of the rider while riding.

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